West Bengal Swapner Bhor Scheme Employment Linked Training To Kanyashree Prakalpa

West Bengal Swapner Bhor Scheme Employment Linked Training To Kanyashree Prakalpa:- West Bengal government initiate a new scheme for the girls of state. In this scheme the government will give benefit to the Kanyashree Beneficiaries girl. All India Trinamool Congress party ruling in West Bengal State. The CM of West Bengal is Shrimati Mamata Banerjee. On 9th September 2018 she launch Swapner Bhor Scheme for state girls. Under the scheme “Swapner Bhor” this will provide employment linked training to the Kanyashree beneficiaries.

West Bengal Swapner Bhor Scheme

With the help of Swapner Bhor Scheme, girls those age is 18 or above 18, government will give them technical training. This whole project will be work under the West Bengal flagship scheme which is known as Kanyashree Prakalpa. With the help of the scheme the job opportunities for girls will be increase. The main focus of this scheme to provide technical Education to every girl.

The technical education is the way to get a job in any field. According to the state women and social welfare Minister of West Bengal Swapner Bhor Scheme will be implemented as soon as possible. Under the scheme government will provide training to women beneficiaries who to make a collaboration with skill development department and technical department.

West Bengal Swapner Bhor Scheme Employment Linked Training To Kanyashree Prakalpa

The proposal of getting Technical Education with their studies is the main key point of the scheme. Now a days, girls completed their education, but due to lack of Technical experience the didn’t get job easily. To overcome this West Bengal government plan this scheme in which Kanyashree Prakalpa beneficiaries get it technical training. Kanyashree Prakalpa beneficiaries get 25,000 rupees, but they have to fulfill that two conditions that is..

  • The beneficiary girls should be unmarried till the age of 18
  • The second condition is, girls should need to do continue their study to get benefit.

West Bengal Swapner Bhor Scheme

If you fulfill these two conditions, then you need to fill the application form. In this application form you need to fill the course contents benefits, and what type of job opportunities you want in future. In this whole process you need to study courses up to 300 hours of training. When you take part in training, will get 50 rupees per day as a stipend under Swapner Bhor Scheme. If we talk about the data right now 160,0000 + beneficiary getting benefit of the scheme

West Bengal Government Schemes

Something About WB Kanyashree Prakalpa Scheme

Girls, dost didn’t have money to continue their study, this scheme will help them. With this scheme girl can continue their studies. You can complete your secondary as well as higher education with the help of this scheme.

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The Benefit will be given to every girl, if she will be unmarried till 18 years. So this will decrease the percentage of child marriage. The girls are not financially strong, this Scheme will give them empowerment. The benefit amount will be directly transferred into the beneficiary.

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