CM Raitha Siri Scheme 2019 Karnataka Bajra Farming Compensation

Raitha Siri Scheme 2019, Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme, Karnataka Millet growing farmers 10,000 Rs Compensation Yojana.

Karnataka government start a new initiative for Millet Farming farmers. The government announced the Raitha Siri Scheme for promoting millet farming in Karnataka state. Show the Chief Minister of Karnataka HD Kumaraswamy, start the scheme. Under this scheme, the government will provide 10000 rupees per acre. Read more on Karnataka Goverment schemes form this portal. This financial support will be given to Millet growing farmers. In this post, we will give you complete and brief information on this scheme. This is basically an encouragement scheme for farmers to grow millet (Bajra).

Raitha Siri Scheme

CM HD Kumaraswamy announced two additional schemes with the Raitha Siri Scheme. One of the schemes is the Raith Kanaja Scheme and other is the Gruhlaxmi Crop Loan scheme for targeting low-income farmers. We know that in Karnataka farmers doing less farming of millet. So to encourage them government starts distributing 10,000 Rupees as financial compensation per hectare. This amount is given early one installment to the farmers of Karnataka state.

Raitha Siri Scheme
Raitha Siri Scheme

Main key points of Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme

  • The government of Karnataka announced its budget for 2019 – 20.
  • In this budget, a few popular schemes like the Krishak Bhagya scheme is introduced.
  • In this scheme, the government makes a budget of 250 crore rupees. The main benefit of this scheme, that farmer will construct farm ponds to restore water.
  • Another mail scheme zero budget neutral farming is also introduced. For this government make a budget of 40 crore rupees.
  • Karnataka government encourage organic farming in this year. Soda maker budget of 35 crore rupees.
  • In Raitha Siri Scheme rupees 10000 will be given to farmers. This amount is only given for millet farming.
  • One of the other assistance of rupees 7500 will be given under the Karavali package scheme.
  • Fruit farming also an important factor. So the Government of Karnataka gives a special package of 150 crores for fruit farming. Especially for grapes and pomegranate farmers.

Karnataka Farmers Get 10,000 Rs Financial Assistance

In Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme 2019 the financial support of 10,000 rupees given to farmer early. This financial support amount will directly be credited into the beneficiary account. The money will be transferred by direct benefit transfer DBT. So there is no mediocre in between farmers and government. So the farmer gets the full benefit of this scheme. Now Karnataka Farm Loan Waiver List is also available to download Online. With the launch of this scheme, the Karnataka Government try to do some good for them. Other Updates of this scheme Like Eligability Citeria, Application Form, Rules and Regulations will be updated soon.

We hope that the Karnataka Government Raitha Siri Scheme will help you to grow your millet farming. This year state government make their budget more farmer-friendly. The main target of this project is to provide every type of help to the farmers of Karnataka. In case if you have any questions then you can ask us in the comments. If we left any key point about the Raitha Siri Scheme, then remind us in the comments. And If you like this post, don’t forget to share with your friends and relatives.

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