Potharlanka Lift Irrigation Scheme Andhra Pradesh For State Farmers

Potharlanka Lift Irrigation Scheme Andhra Pradesh For State Farmers :- Andhra Pradesh state is one of the most fast growing states in India. The CM of Andhra Pradesh Mr. N Chandrababu Naidu launch a scheme for the development of Andhra Pradesh farmers. The name of this scheme is Potharlanka Lift Irrigation Scheme. Government of AP decided a budget of 50 crore for this scheme. CM inaugurated this scheme in the village of Donupudi in Kolluru mandal in Guntur district.

Potharlanka Lift Irrigation Scheme

The main motto of “Potharlanka Lift Irrigation Scheme” Andhra Pradesh is to increase the water level in the various districts of Andhra. This is Basically New Andhra Pradesh Government Scheme . According to Mr Naidu in Andhra 5000 acre of land in 11 villages will be used for this project. According to them the farmers will get 14.5 TMC feet of water from the various projects those effectively work on the various projects.

Potharlanka Lift Irrigation Scheme

According to the Irrigation Department the working of the scheme is basically a long pipeline of 1250 meter length will you placed in the left side and another pipeline of 5000 Mtr long in the right side is place to avoid evaporation of water. In this summer season the evaporation level of water is increased. So as a result the farmers face this problem of evaporation of water. Due to this evaporation the water level is decreased and farmer facing water shortage problem. So they are not fulfilling the need of water for the crop production.

Potharlanka Lift Irrigation Scheme Andhra Pradesh

CM Chandrababu Naidu launches various schemes in this year. Next year Andhra Pradesh election 2019 will be organized. If you want to download the AP Voter List you can check it here.

Andhra Pradesh CM launch this few days back, within few months this scheme will be fully activated. According to the officials the scheme will effectively give a benefit to the farmers.

Potharlanka Lift Irrigation Scheme Helpline Number:- N/A

The main work under the Potharlanka Lift Irrigation Scheme he is in the various areas like kollur, pedapuli Veru, Tippalakatta, pedarlanka, juvvalapalem, Oleru, Vellatue, Bhattiprolu and other.

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