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If you want to start your own business, then this news for you. Guys last few months topic portable petrol pumps we heard about many times. So today we give you the complete information about portable petrol pumps in India. Friends the ministry of petroleum and natural gas India has approved the concept of Portable Petrol Pump Dealership. They give approval for the setup of these Pumps in India. The whole process will be done under the Delhi based company name as Alinz portable petrol pump Private Limited. This company has a tie up with the Czech republic. So these both will make a setup of pumps, and they will be installed soon in the various locations in India. So firstly we need to understand what are the portable petrol pumps.

Portable Petrol Pump Dealership

Guys the portable petrol pumps are same like as petrol pump. The main difference from main petrol pumps and these pumps is thet are self service. In this portable petrol pumps any person fill petrol diesel or CNG gas by itself. With this service the vehicle owner did not depend on the petrol pump workers. This full concept is working in the foreign countries from last 8 to 10 years. This concept is very successful in other countries. Show the ministry of Petroleum and natural gas decided to implement this project in India also. Firstly on the trial basis the Portable Petrol Pump Dealership, Distributorship given in Delhi various locations.

After that comment hack to setup near about 50,000 portable petrol pumps across all over the country. You know that petrol or diesel or was a gas is the major requirement in the space. In India right now many places, in which petrol or diesel availability is very less. Sometime in the morning at the office time there is a huge lines in front of petrol pump. So to save time of consumers, government has decided to setup portable petrol pumps after few kilometers. As we tell you this whole project is already implemented in 35 countries. This concept was very successful in other countries. So Indian government decided to do this project in India.

What is the main concept of portable petrol pump?

Guys Portable petrol pump project is implemented for the small cities in initial stage. In India there are many places at which petrol availability is very low. So with the help of these from there is no need of workers, and anyone can fill petrol by itself.

Basic difference between the normal petrol pump and portable petrol pump?

Normal petrol pump you need huge amount of land and do installation process. But for portable Petrol Pump it can be taken from one place to another place. For this petrol pump the space required is very less, then there is no fixed land required for installation.

How this petrol pump is work?

The process is very simple and clear. In the portable petrol pump you just need your ATM card / debit card/ credit card to make payment. The concept is same like as you withdraw money from ATM it’s like you withdraw petrol with the help of debit card. You just need to step your card and fill the amount of petrol you want. And then the machine will automatically fill the petrol into your vehicle.

Is this whole process is cashless?

In the portable petrol, the whole payment will be done via cashless mode. You just need your

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • E wallet
  • UPI app
  • Paytm
  • Payu
  • Or any other online mode.

How to fill petrol or diesel with this machine?

With the help of this machine you just need, to pay the amount and fill petrol. The whole process is same, but the payment mode is only online.

Portable petrol pumps will be set up in the following places?

  • Less developed areas
  • Near agriculture areas
  • Small airport
  • Petrol pumps
  • Construction sites
  • Hospitals
  • Small villages
  • Harbor
  • Car bike Championship

You Can Join Company Alinz As-

  • Join as State Dealer or Distributor or CNF
  • Also Join as Authorized Service Center
  • Join as Industrial Partners
  • As a investment Partner
  • Join as Market Promotion and Advertisement

Alinz Portable Petrol Pump Company Helpline – +91-11-45072990

Alinz Portable Petrol Pump Company Costumer Care No. – 9990099691

Email Address:-

How to Apply For Portable Petrol Pump

  • So guys we already tell you the whole project is under a private company Alinz.
  • So to get Portable Petrol Pump Dealership in India, you need to visit the official website of
  • You can also visit the government website of
  • In this section you will see join us for state dealer OR distributor or CNF. Before that you need to read the Distributorship Advertisement.

Alinz Portable Petrol Pump Dealership

  • For this you need to fill the enquiry form regarding portable petrol pump dealership or franchise.
  • You need to fill your name email address your current phone number and your message.
  • Then click on the send message button, and submit your enquiry.
  • Within few days they will call you back, and then you will hear your idea of dealership with them.
  • More Updates on:- Trending Info Page
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