Muttathe Mulla Loan Scheme Kerala മുറ്റത്തെ മുല്ല Apply

Kerala Government Start Muttathe Mulla Scheme Phase-1, Muttathe Mulla Loan Scheme 2019, മുറ്റത്തെ മുല്ല, Muttathe Mulla Kerala Scheme Foe Women get Low Interest Rate on Loan Apply Online, Muttathe Mulla Loan Scheme Benefits:- The state government of Kerala is bringing forward major scheme to benefit the common people of the state. As we all know only the common and poor people of the society are only suffering from major problems. The most common problem of the common people is higher prices of the commodities and less of the income.

In many cases common people meets a dire emergency of money and due to their less income they do not hold big amounts. So to meet up their mandatory needs they take a loan from private and unregistered financiers. These private and unregistered financiers provide them the loan amount at higher interest of rate. In this way also the poor and common people are being exploited by these loan sharks.

Muttathe Mulla Loan Scheme 2019

This is the most common problem in Kerala state. Looking into this problem the state government of Kerala has decided to launch up a new scheme which is known as the Kerala Muttathe Mulla Loan Scheme 2019. This is basically an ambitious micro-finance program in the co-operative sector for helping the people who are being exploited by the private financiers. The scheme can also be called as the Muttathe Mulla Kerala Loan scheme 2019 under which the people will receive easy micro credits from all the co-operative banks. Under this scheme only the minimal rate of interest will be charged from the borrowers. The scheme will be implemented in Kerala state in different phases and the first phase of this scheme will be started from Palakkad district.

Schemes Details
Scheme Full Name Muttathe Mulla Scheme
State Kerala
Scheme Launch Date June 2018
Scheme Launch by Mr. Kadakampally Surendran
Scheme Under Supervision Co-operative and Tourism Department Kerala
Scheme Phase First Phase
Implemented State Palakkad
Loan Interest Rate 7% To 12%

Muttathe Mulla Loan Scheme 2018-19

Muttathe Mulla Kerala Loan scheme Benefits

  • The main benefit of this “Muttathe Mulla Loan Scheme” is that now the needy people don’t have to take financial assistance from the private lenders, at higher rates. Instead the needy people can now take the loan amount from state co-operative banks at lower rate of interest.
  • By the implementation of this scheme the people will get the easy credits from the co – operative banks within a very short span of time.
  • The main objective of this “Muttathe Mulla Keral Loan Scheme” is to provide loan to the poor and common people at lower interest rates. As private financiers charge an interest rate of 35 % to 72 % but under this scheme the interest rates will be very less.
  • Under this scheme the co-operative banks will finance the loans directly from the Kudumbashree groups. Through this group the interest rate will charged will be from 7% to 12% only.
  • Kudumbashree and other female neighborhood network will join hands with the co-operative banks to distribute the information and money to the needy people of the state.

How to Apply for Muttathe Mulla Loan scheme

So the above mentioned are the main benefits of the scheme. So all the needy people can be a part of this scheme and can apply for the scheme. To apply for Kerala Muttathe Mulla Loan Scheme, the main criteria required is that the person must be a resident of the Kerala state and must be obtaining all the required documents. So all those people who find this scheme a beneficial one can apply for the scheme. The state government will provide both online and offline procedure to apply for the scheme.

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For more details regarding Muttathe Mulla Kerala Loan scheme 2019 all the people are suggested to visit the official link of Kerala state government.

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