Kerala Vayomithram Scheme വയോമിത്രം Old Age Free Medical Faculty

Kerala Vayomithram Scheme | വയോമിത്രം | Vayomithram Old Age Free Medical Faculty | Kerala Vayomithram Elderly Age Above 65 Get Free Health Checkups, Facility.

This scheme Totally dedicated to the, old ages of Kerala state. Under the Kerala Vayomithram Scheme, the corporation and Municipal areas of Kerala State decided to give a free Health care support to the old person, those People are above 65 year. This scheme is under the Kerala social security mission. We also known this came as Kerala health care and support scheme. You know that after 65 year the body of a human being is not much as powerful.

Kerala Vayomithram Scheme

They need medical assistance and Healthcare time to time. But due to some reasons most of the old age person didn’t get all the medical facilities. Some of the old age person live in tribal areas. So in tribal areas the medical facilities are not as much good. So government of Kerala started scheme Kerala Vayomithram Scheme in which above the age of 65 years person will get healthcare as well as medical support at your area with the help of mobile clinic service.

Kerala Vayomithram Scheme

This scheme is firstly started in 2010-11 in Kollam and trivandrum Corporation. After the successful implementation of this scheme this will be extended to other 12 districts of Kerala. In the initial stage this is only one project, 1 year 8-9 projects will be started in next year. Now total 25 projects are working with this scheme.

Now the Kerala social security mission started the scheme in other municipality areas like Marad (Ernakulum), manjari, Kottakkal and other. Under the scheme four type of facilities will be provided those are mentioned below.

Facilities Under Vayomithram Scheme Kerala

Vayomithram mobile clinic services :- with the help of this mobile clinic service the distribution of free medicines in your municipal area. For Vayomithram Scheme there is no economic criteria is required. The medical facility will be provided to everyone whose age is above 65. In this mobile clinic service van there is one medical officer one staff nurse and one JPHN.

Palliative care services :- Under this service patients those are not able to walk, and they are on bed service will provided to them. For them special train nurses and jphn is available for them

Vayomithram help desk :- Under this scheme the team will start a help desk service, to provide facility to old age person. Anyone who is beneficiary for this game can take help from this help desk.

Vayomithram other services :- Under the scheme Kerala government will provide a special medical camps for old age persons. In these camps like eye medical check up ect. camps will be organised.

For old age persons special entertainment programs will be organised for the Vayomithram Scheme beneficiaries.

Other sponsorship also organised.

Counselling services is also organised with the experience doctors in the mobile clinics.

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Other active involvement, on social issues like drugs, alcohol usage ect. are also come under the scheme. In this active environment rehabilitation is also provided.

So at the end of the Vayomithram Scheme Kerala, we will tell you this scheme is very good for old age person. With the medical facilities other social activities involved in this scheme. So anyone who is above 65 and belong to Kerala state he will surely registered for this scheme.

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