Assam Wage Compensation Scheme For Pregnant Women

Assam Wage Compensation Scheme For Pregnant Women Near Tea Garden | Assam Government Scheme for Pregnant Women working In Tea Garden | Assam Government 12000 Rupees Financial Assistance for Pregnant Women.

Today we are discussing about the Assam government new scheme, which is basically for the pregnant women those are working in the tea garden of Assam. This scheme is name as Assam Wage Compensation Scheme for pregnant women those are working in the tea Gardens. Assam chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal launch is the scheme on Monday 1st of October 2018. Under the scheme women those are working in the tea garden, they will get 12000 rupees financial support at the time of pregnancy. This scheme is basically started for the upliftment of tea garden working women’s.

Assam Wage Compensation Scheme

According to chief minister of Assam the Assam Wage Compensation Scheme will play an important role, in the field of Nutrition to the pregnant women in tea garden areas. With the help of these 12000 rupees they will get good nutritious food, which is very necessary for mother and child. This scheme will give empowerment to the Assam tea garden area women’s. At the time of launching Assam health minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma and others officials, present at the inauguration stage.

With Assam Wage Compensation Scheme the high maternal mortality ratio, will be decrease. The women those are working in the tea garden, live near tea garden they have not enough money to get a nutritious diet at the time of pregnancy. They are basically labor, and working in the tea Gardens from morning to evening. So due to heavy work, they having not enough time to get proper medical facility as well as proper nutritious diet. The aim of the scheme, is to provide Assam tea garden working women a proper nutritious diet.

Assam Wage Compensation Scheme For Pregnant Women in Tea Garden

In the first phase of Assam Wage Compensation Scheme for Pregnant Women in Tea Garden government pass a budget of 55 crore rupees. This budget will be included in the State Health budget in financial year 2018-19. According to the officials of Assam government this scheme will give direct benefit to 48000 pregnant women’s in every year.

Assam Wage Compensation Scheme
Assam Wage Compensation Scheme

In this scheme, the first installment that is 2000 Rupees will be given at the time of Antenatal check up and do registration within the first trimester. Now in the second installment 4000 rupees will be given to the pregnant women at the month of 6th. The registration is only one time. In the third installment 3000 rupees will be given at the time of delivery. Delivery should be done in the government approved health institution. At the end the last and 4th installment of 3000 rupees will be given during the 6th week of post delivery. So the 12000 rupees will be distributed in the 4 installments Under The Assam Wage Compensation Scheme.

Assam Wage Compensation 12000 Rupees Installment Chart

Installments Rupees Timing for Installment
First Installment Rupees 2000 Antenatal check up
Second Installment Rupees 4000 At 6th month of pregnancy
Third installment Rupees 3000 During pregnancy in the registered / Government approved hospital
Forth Installment Rupees 3000 At the time of 6th week of post delivery

Assam government taken a very good step, for the laborer pregnant women. With the start up of Assam Wage Compensation Scheme for Pregnant Women in Tea Gardens, this scheme will help 48000 pregnant women’s early in Assam state. Assam CM Sarbananda Sonowal started this scheme, and it is a very good scheme for all the tea garden working women’s.

If you are from Assam, and want to take advantage of this scheme, then you need to visit the Assam government health department official website. In this website you need to enter the schemes section, and here you will see Assam government pregnant women wage compensation scheme. You need to do registration for the scheme. If you have any questions or queries regarding this scheme, then ask in the comments.

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