Arogya Karnataka Universal Health Coverage Scheme 2019

Details Arogya Karnataka Universal Health Coverage Scheme 2019 Application Form, Arogya Karnataka Hospital List, Karnataka Universal Health Insurance Yojana, Arogya Karnataka Card Online Apply Procedure, ಆರೋಗ್ಯ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಯುನಿವರ್ಸಲ್ ಹೆಲ್ತ್ ಕವರೇಜ್ ಸ್ಕೀಮ್.

After the election in 2019 in Karnataka New Government Congress + JDS Constructed. The New CM of Karnataka is HD Kumaraswamy. Karnataka state government has currently announced a new scheme which is known as a Universal Health coverage scheme (UHC) also called as “Arogya Karnataka”. As the name of the scheme represents its functioning. As this scheme is to provide various health benefits to the people of Karnataka state. This scheme is applicable for all the residents of Karnataka state, irrespective of their income.

Arogya Karnataka Universal Health Coverage Scheme 2019

As per the estimate there are around 1.43 crore Families in Karnataka state and all these people will be benefited under this Universal Health Coverage (UHC) scheme / Arogya Karnataka. Under this scheme all the civilians of Karnataka state will get a cashless medical treatment in all the government hospitals and the government em-paneled hospitals. No medical expenditure will occur on a treatment in government hospitals. Main Motive of Karnataka Government Release Arogya Karnataka Health Card as UHC. The Universal Health Coverage Scheme cards will be issued to all the people of the state.

Scheme Name Arogya Karnataka
Scheme Key Point Universal Health Coverage Scheme
Implemented Only in Karnataka State
Cashless Treatments Yes
Total Beneficery 1.43 Crore Families
Scheme Budget Rs. 2000 Crore/-

Arogya Karnataka Scheme Benefits

The first and the most catchy feature of this scheme is that it is applicable to all the citizens of Karnataka state and the scheme is not dependent ion the income of the people.
The main primary objective of Universal Health Coverage scheme is to serve “Good Health for All”
The citizens of Karnataka can now get a free medical treatment in any state government hospital without any maximum limit of the expenditure.
Main Influence of Arogya Karnataka Universal Health Coverage Scheme is that, beneficiary will get cashless Treatment in any hospital or em-paneled hospitals with card.
Government of Karnataka Issues The Health Card (UHC Card) to Families/Individuals to take all benefits of this scheme.
People suffering from non communicable diseases will get a separate UHC health card.

For the successful execution of this scheme various other state departments will also participate. Departments those working for Arogya Karnata Health Scheme 2019 are Rural Development and Panchayati Raj. With This Urban Local Bodies (ULB) and Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) are also involved.

Arogya Karnataka details

Karnataka state government has promised to make every possible step to provide the complete Cashless Medical treatment to the people in the government hospitals. This will help in reducing the people dependence on private hospitals.

Arogya Karnataka Application Form

  1. For Register Arogya Karnataka Scheme 2019 applicants need to download Application Form
  2. The form is available in JPG File as Image.
  3. Print it pot and “fill important information like Name, Father name, address, etc in this form”.
  4. Submit this form and you will be eligible for getting a Heath card.
  5. In below the procedure how to get UHC Card, see below.
Karnataka Arogya Scheme 2018-19 pdf

Arogya Karnataka Form

Arogya Karnataka Heath Card Apply Online

All the people of Karnataka state must apply for this scheme and can get the UHC Health card. These cards will help the people in their free medical check up and in case if that treatment is not available then the patient will shift to any private hospital and the cost of the treatment will be paid by the government.

  1. To create a New Arogya Karnataka Heath Card online follow the important steps.
  2. Application forms is required to fill of you want to take benefits of this scheme.
  3. After apply for for this scheme you will get a Karnataka Universal health coverage health card.
  4. This card will give you all the benefits/Advantage to do cashless treatment.

Arogya Karnataka Scheme Guidelines

arogya Scheme Guidelines

So we can say that this is really a great scheme to help out the people of the Karnataka state. As the good health of the people will bring out some good changes in the state of Karnataka. For this Arogya Karnataka scheme a budget of Rs. 2000 crore has been sanctioned and the implementation of this scheme will be soon completed in all the government hospitals. Under this scheme the people belonging to Below poverty Line (BPL) will get a free medical treatment up to Rs. 1.5 lakh per year. Whereas the people who belongs to Above poverty Line (APL) will have to bear only 30 % of the total bill up to Rs. 1.5 lakh annually. 1.5 crore households will get a free medical treatment under this Universal health coverage scheme.

Arogya Karnataka Universal Health coverage scheme 2019, is one of the best health related scheme in Karnataka. According to official data till the month of October 20th, 2922 people in Mysuru district take benefit of this scheme. This scheme is very useful for Poor and BPL families, those doesn’t have enough money for their medical treatment. Karnataka Government start the scheme by merging various health related schemes in Karnataka. In past few years Karnataka government running Vijpayee Arogyashree scheme,Yashasvini Scheme Rajiv Arogya Bhagya scheme. Government to merge the schemes and make one scheme Arogya Karnataka. The Other schemes which help people regarding health issues are Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana, Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram, Mukhyamantri Santwana Harish Scheme and Indira Suraksha Yojana. So at the end Karnataka Government make a decision and merge these all schemes into a 1 scheme.

Arogya Karnataka Hospital List

Arogya Yojana Karnataka Modification
Annexure-1 Arogya Primary Health Care service
Annexure-2 Secondary Health Treatments
Complex Secondary Health Treatments
Tertiary Health-card Treatments List
Arogya scheme Emergency Health Care Treatments
Check Patient Enrollment Process
Implantation criteria for Private Hospitals
Karnataka Arogya Treatment Rate List (Tertiary)
Emergency Healthcare Treatment Rate List
Phase-1 Implantation Hospitals List
Phase-2 Implantation Hospitals List
[pdf] Arogya Yojana Karnataka Declaration Form
Scheme FAQ With Answers
Hospitals Compatible / Health Services under Scheme

The main motive for start the scheme is to provide very low cost Health Insurance/ cashless health Insurance to the Karnataka residence peoples. To Take benefit of this scheme, applicants need to create a Arogya Karnataka health card. The main benefit of this health card is that all the names of family members mentioned on this card. This is just like our identity card, which is help you to do cashless transactions in hospital.

Guys the motive of this scheme is to provide every citizen of state a Cashless Heath treatments. The scheme is in working, from February 2019. Now if you are a Karnataka citizen, then you will get all the benefits of this scheme.

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  1. Hello
    I have Arogya Karnataka card,
    can I use this card in ESI Hospitals for cashless medical benefit.
    From when we can use this benefit &
    How much is benefit cash in this scheme.
    Kindly reply me as soon as possible

  2. mam the scheme hospitals starts from19-feb 2019.I have searched all of the net i did not get the list of specified hosp my opinion is it takes a long time if implimented properly

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